The Best Post-Op Recovery Nursing Care in Dominican Republic

CroCaribe Recovery and Spa is delighted to have Maria Rodriguez as our head nurse. She has done an amazing job in her career helping people who have selected to have plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic, and now she is bringing her knowledge and skills to our recovery house.

About CroCaribe Recovery and Spa

CroCaribe Recovery and Spa offers a comfortable, healthy, and safe place for people who need to recover after having plastic surgery. Americans are coming to the Dominican Republic much more now because they have realized how much less expensive it is to have cosmetic surgery in this country. In addition, they now understand that reputable Dominican Republic plastic surgeons are just as good as the ones in the United States. This provides them with the peace of mind needed to make the decision to seek their desired cosmetic changes for an affordable price.
Once the plastic surgery is over, patients need to recover, and CroCaribe Recovery and Spa is the place to do it.
With the addition of head nurse, Maria Rodriguez, patients feel as though they are being taken care of just as they need to be following their procedure. Maria ensures they are recovering well, the plastic surgeon’s recommendations are followed, and knows how to decrease the risk of infection.
Many patients have already benefited from the care Maria has provided. These are some of the reviews she’s received on Facebook.
“First off Maria stayed in contact with me from the moment she offered her services. The week prior she informed me of what to bring so I don’t overpack. She is very friendly, makes good conversation as if we were already friends on the day of my surgery, she happened to be at cipla taking care of another doll, she asked me to come meet her so she can know who I am. I felt much better after seeing her in person, she is tall and strong, someone who can definitely handle me. Last but most importantly, the treatment, she is so nice, very tentative and was at my side every time I called her. She kept going to the nurses stations asking for pain and sleep meds for me. She didn’t stop till they brought it. She told me if I ever need her or just have a question, not to hesitate to reach out to, I have no complaints, if anyone is looking for an overnight nurse, she is your girl!!!” – SetteSette
“Maria, I want to thank you for your unconditional help. You are truly a blessing and anyone would be blessed to be able to use your service. You are the best!” – Stacy G.
Maria has received many more of these, and again, we are so excited to have her here at CroCaribe Recovery and Spa.

Contact Us for Post- Plastic Surgery Recovery in the Dominican Republic

If you’re having plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic, contact us. We can help you get ready for your surgery, and then have a comfortable place to stay while you recover. Maria Rodriguez and our staff speak English and provide the best possible care. We look forward to meeting you and being with you when you unveil your beautiful new self!

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