CroCaribe Recovery & Spa Proudly Announcing Hiring Full Time Medical Doctor

CroCaribe Recovery & Spa Proudly Announcing Hiring Full Time Medical Doctor


CroCaribe Recovery & Spa, a premier recovery house in Dominican Republic, is living up to our promise of delivering outstanding PostOp care in safe, infection free clinical setting with some of the best staff in sourced out in the Santo Domingo. Our clinical staff went thorough rigorous background and licence verification check to ensure we offer high quality PostOp care to our clients. We are proud to sat CroCaribe Recovery & Spa is changing recovery house industry in the Dominican Republic by increasing standards and levels of care.

We are proud and honored to announce new addition to our team. CroCaribe Recovery & Spa added a full time Medical Doctor (general practitioner) to our staff who will be available Monday-Friday, as well as in an emergency situation to care for our clients.

Dra Katerine Feliz (MD) is a General Practitioner Doctor. Dra Feliz graduated with Bachelor Degree as Nurse Technician in 2010. Flowing BoS degree Dra Feliz continued her medical school at UASD (Autonomous University Of Santo Domingo) where she received her medical degree and licence to practice as Medical Director in 2017.

The Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, founded in 1538, is the oldest institution of higher education in the New World. It was originally affiliated with the Roman Catholic church, but in the early 19th century its religious ties were severed; the university was reorganized in 1914, and the national government now provides most of its funding.

Dra Feliz is a proud wife to a very supportive husband and big sister to two brothers. We are fortunate to have Dra Feliz as part of our team.


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