Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Wound Care After Plastic Surgery in the Dominican Republic

A hyperbaric oxygen machine can help people who have recently had surgery recover from their wounds much faster. Acute surgical wounds often heal slowly due to various factors, such as:

  • • Low Blood Supply
  • • Infection
  • • Blood Vessel Damage

New research has found that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help people heal from their wounds much quicker.

How It Works

When someone undergoes hyperbaric oxygen therapy, they lie down in an airtight chamber that fills with pure oxygen. This causes the person’s blood oxygen to increase, which then leads to more tissues, cells, and organs receiving more high-quality oxygen. This boosts the body’s ability to heal.
Users should only use the chamber for about an hour with two hours being the most, as too much oxygen can damage the brain and lungs.
Researchers have studied the effects of the hyperbaric chamber. Findings were published in a recent Cochrane review showing the chamber can be effective in many ways to help people recover from wounds as well as heal from various illnesses.

CroCaribe Recovery and Spa Features Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

CroCaribe Recovery and Spa is in the process of securing a hyperbaric chamber for its facility. We are excited about this additional recovery tool we will be able to offer our patients. With the help of Maria Rodriguez, our head recovery nurse, we will be able to use oxygen therapy to speed up the wound recovery of patients who underwent plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic.
This feature will be available at CroCaribe Recovery and Spa as well as all of our recovery houses in the next couple of months.

Recovering at CroCaribe Recovery and Spa

CroCaribe Recovery and Spa offers a safe, healthy and comfortable place for plastic surgery patients to stay after their procedure. Since they need to recover before going back to America, recovery houses provide exactly what they need to recover safely. All staff at our recovery house speak English, our head nurse has many years of caring for people after plastic surgery, and we have state-of-the-art equipment, such as the hyperbaric chamber. When you have to recover from plastic surgery in Dominican Republic, there’s no better place than CroCaribe Recovery and Spa.

Contact us to today for more information about staying with us. We would be happy to help make your stay in the Dominican Republic a pleasurable experience.

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