Why CroCaribe Recovery & Spa?

We Never Claim We Are The Best. That is up to clients to decide. We do claim we are different than others. Why?

  1. FT Medical Doctor On Site 5 days a week 10 hours a day
  2. Licensed and Verified English Speaking RN’s
  3. Trained Chef-not just someone cooking
  4. Power Generator -Never A Blackout
  5. 2 FT housekeepers keeping RH spotless
  6. HandsOn English Speaking Owner
  7. USA Inspired Emergency Protocols, Infection Prevention and Control Protocols,
  8. Commercial Grade UltraSound Massage Machines
  9. Each room has own bathroom as well as massage room
  10. Wall Mounted Personal safe for each clients
  11. Quickest and most honest WhatsApp communication-good, bad and ugly

We are not a vacation destination, we are not cheapest nor we claim to be, or try to be—but as far as Skilled Clinical PostOp care—we ARE second to none !!


Happy Holidays-You Tube Channel


Happy Holidays-YouTube Channel


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