Q/A session regarding plastic surgery in DR-Atlanta GA

Following a successful similar event in new York City and responding to client requests will will host at Q/A session in Atlanta, GA on October 5th at 7 pm. Location is TBD.

What we do during these sessions is very helpful to those clients who are considering having plastic surgery in Dominican Republic.

We discuss the process, what to expect, what to prepare, what cost to expect and what to do and what not to do.

We also answer questions regarding plastic surgery doctors in Dominican Republic, what to ask and what to watch for and how to chose correct recovery house , what to ask and what to be ready for, We use this opportunity to present our Premier PostOp Recovery House in Dominican Republic :” CroCaribe Recovery & Spa”

It is a transparent , honest and punch polled conversation of benefits having a plastic surgery in Dominican Republic as well as potential risks.


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