Why Are We Different ?


We have been asked that a lot. There are many Post Op Recovery Houses in Dominican Republic, some big, some small, some in land, some beach front, some apartments.

We respect everyone honest hard work and we would never say we are better then others, nicer then others or newer then others….we are different.


Lets start with a simple answer !!

We are not a vacation destination. We do not intend to provide our clients with great vacation experience or “home away from home” experience. We are PostOp recovery clinical facility where our priority is your quick, safe and inspection free recovery so you can go home and have positive experience and stay healthy.

Let us explain in details !!

Our facility is warm, comfortable, welcoming and we try to provide everything needed for a comfortable recovery. However, we never loose sight of that we are a clinical facility. Our nurses are educated (bachelors degree in nursing), English speaking and fully licensed and registered with Dominican Republic Department  Of Health who are well trained in wound care. Our staff is fully trained in infection prevention and control protocols.

We have implemented comprehensive emergency situation protocols.  When you stay at our Premier Recovery House In Dominican Republic you will have a feeling you are staying in any short term care facility on the continental USA.

Our owners spent their career working in Healthcare industry in United States and when relocated to Dominican Republic, they committed to duplicate same rules and protocols in the recovery house in DR.

You will Never: (posted by our marketing or any other staff)

  • see our client photo on our social media when the client is prepping for the procedure at the clinic
  • see our client photo on our social media in vulnerable  position, event if you can not see the face
  • see our client while receiving  massage or any other PostOp procedure
  • hear us talking about client procedure

We follow HIPPA (USA based) rules. If the client desires to post photos on their social media sites they are more then welcome and we will assist if asked. We believe our service speaks for itself and there is no need for us to resort to this type of privacy violations.

We are in constant communication with all out clients, prior stay, during stay  and when they return hoke to see if everything is OK.

Give is a shot. You will not be disappointed , Allow us the privilege to provide you PostOp recovery care as you deserve.

Thank You

CroCaribe Recovery & Spa

Customer Service


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