Why Is Important To Chose Recovery House With Skilled Clinical Care

When picking and selecting a location to be your PostOp recovery house in DR, it is very easy to get sidetracked and focus on things that are not necessary important for recovery process, but rather for “optics” and visual stimulants. It is easy to focus on palm trees,pool, view, beach access and forget why you really looking for a recovery house…..well to recover. You wont be able to use pool, you should stay away from the beach doe to increased infection risks, palm trees are nice visual but they don t help in recovery.

You need to focus on Clinical Side. We are Recovery House in Dominican Republic that is not a vacation destination, we do not want to be a vacation destination. We are skilled clinical facility that happens to be in Dominican Republic.

When securing our location, we were not concerned with how close we are to the beach, if we have build in pool , if we have beach view. We were concerned how close we are to clinics, emergency rooms, that each bedroom has its own bathroom and we hire only licensed , verified and skilled clinical staff. Our our clinical staff is fluent in English and their  credentials have been verified.


This happened in last month and it is clear example why one must ask correct questions when choosing a recovery house.

Our Recovery House is one of few, possible the only one, that stocked Epi Pens at our Recovery House and our In House Doctor, all nurses and staff are trained in how to use it when needed it.

We have very strict emergency situation protocols which served its purpose with one of our clients. One of our clients had a severe allergic reactions, we were told by the clinic later it was one of the medicines, and when client had issue breathing we wanted to take her to ER however she refused.  Our in house Medical Doctor took all vitals, and decided despite client protest we are taking her to ER.  On the way to DR client stopped breathing, and when nothing else helped our medical doctor administered EpiPen in the vehicle on the way to the clinic and client reaction was positive.

When we arrived at the clinic ER doctor stated we saved clients life, or at least prevented major brain damage for lack of the oxygen . The client fully recovered and went back home healthy and infection free.

This is why you are careful and make sure you ask right questions  when choosing your PostOp Recovery House.





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