Premier PostOp Recovery Houses in the Dominican Republic.
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We offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
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Mission Statement

CroCaribe Recovery & Spa facilities are committed to offering excellent accommodations and services in a tranquil and comfortable setting. Our mission is to provide exceptional and affordable recovery and hospitality services. We maintain an environment to ensure safety and want our customers to enjoy a relaxing and speedy recovery. Customer satisfaction is our overarching goal. We pledge to delight those we serve and to be recognized as having a passion for excellence.

Our Commitment

When you enter our doors, you become part of the CroCaribe family. Your safety, comfort and happiness is our #1 priority.

CroCaribe Recovery & Spa is committed to provide you with safe and comfortable healing environment. Recovery process can be uncomfortable depending on procedure you went though. We will be with you every step of the way with passion, compassion and attention

CroCaribe Recovery & Spa packages are designed to provide you with all the necessary service for comfortable and speedy recovery. However, we understand individual needs are not same for everyone. We are large enough, as organization, to provide comprehensive list of services, however small enough

CroCaribe Recovery & Spa nurses speak English. There will be always someone in the house with English speaking skills. We have Dominican and Unites States based Customer service agents. Whether you call Dominican Republic or Unites States Phone number you will reach someone with English


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What To Ask Recovery House In DR Before Booking

We can imagine you are going “nuts” looking at all those Recovery House and their social media pages, reading all those reviews trying to figure out what is real review, what is not, what is real complaint or someone just had a bad day…and it can get overwhelming. We are always surprised

Why Is Important To Chose Recovery House With Skilled Clinical Care

When picking and selecting a location to be your PostOp recovery house in DR, it is very easy to get sidetracked and focus on things that are not necessary important for recovery process, but rather for “optics” and visual stimulants. It is easy to focus on palm trees,pool, view, beach access and

CroCaribe Recovery & Spa “Casa Marialis” Grand Opening

On June 20, 2019 CroCaribe Recovery & Spa had a great opening of our brand new reconstructed “Casa Marialis”.  Casa Marialis is a Premier PostOp Recovery House in Dominican Republic, located in the capital, Santo Domingo and within a 30 minute proximity to every major and respected Plastic Surgery Clinic. Our opening was enjoyed by a many, including family, friends,

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