Dr. Argeny Mercedes & CroCaribe RH Surgery Package

Dr. Argeny Mercedes

Take Advantage Of This Unique Dr. Argeny Mercedes and CroCaribe Recovery House Package

CroCaribe Recovery & Spa, a Premier PostOp Recovery House in Dominican Republic, is one of the GOTO recovery Houses for Dr Mercedes for clients who prefer skilled clinical care , Great amenities and are looking to recover in clinical, and not vacation setting.

Our staff consists of inhouse Medical Doctor, Full Time, 3 Nurses (English Speaking) who rotate so there is a RN 24/7 in the house, Trained Chef, 2 Housekeepers and Driver.

Our Recovery House is clean, we implement USA inspired infection prevention and control protocols, Emergency Preparedness Protocols and Wound Care Protocols. We have generator on site, so our power NEVER goes off which is common in Dominican Republic, daily blackouts.

Below are some samples of Dr Mercedes and CroCaribe RH Package

Package consists of: Surgery Procedure, 13 Days RH stay, Airport and Medical Appointments Transportation, Insurance, Cardiologist, OverNight Nurse, PostOp Meds (While you are in the clinic), 10 Massages in RH, Boppy Pillow, Basic PostOp Supplies At RH.


SX-RH Package Procedure Room  Package Price 
Double Room TT+Lipo+BBL Double  $            6,420.00
TT+Lipo+BBL+Breast Double  $            7,920.00
Lipo+BBL Double  $            5,420.00
Lipo+BBL+Breast Double  $            6,920.00
TT (Tummy Tuck) Double  $            5,420.00
Breast Double  $            5,420.00
Triple Room TT+Lipo+BBL Triple  $            6,205.00
TT+Lipo+BBL+Breast Triple  $            7,705.00
Lipo+BBL Triple  $            5,205.00
Lipo+BBL+Breast Triple  $            6,705.00
TT (Tummy Tuck) Triple  $            5,205.00
Breast Triple  $            5,205.00
Multi Room TT+Lipo+BBL Multi (4 beds room)  $            6,055.00
TT+Lipo+BBL+Breast Multi (4 beds room)  $            7,555.00
Lipo+BBL Multi (4 beds room)  $            5,055.00
Lipo+BBL+Breast Multi (4 beds room)  $            6,555.00
TT (Tummy Tuck) Multi (4 beds room)  $            5,055.00
Breast Multi (4 beds room)  $           5,055.00


These prices will remain same 95% of the time. Once doctor looks at your pictures and during initial consult those might need to be adjusted if the work is more extensive and needed then what standard procedure is.


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  1. Hello is it very possible that I could have Bbl Lipo breast and full tummy tuck??

  2. I would like to have a 360 liposuction and a Brazillian Butt lift. Can you please send me a quote.

  3. August September trying to book a date for tt and bbl having a hard time from nyc.

  4. Hello, I am looking to get lipo, tummy tuck, and bbl in December. What are your prices for that procedure and what does your BMI have to be?

    1. HI
      best is to whatsapp us at +1(862)823-4633


  5. Hi I am interested in the bbl lipo tt and breast augmentation could I please get a quote and also is a recovery house included as well

  6. Hello is the Surgery open to do surgeries in the month of October

  7. Hello is the Surgery open to do surgeries in the month of October by Dr Mercedes.

    1. Hi yes it is….you should reach out to his office

  8. How to get started? Im interested in dr and RH package double room. Tt, lipo, and bbl.

  9. I am trying to schedule an Dr Argeny Mercedes and RH all exclusive package. I am ready to make my deposit and schedule my appointment.

  10. Hi. I’m looking to have TT, Liposuction of flanks, and outer thighs, possible Lipo of back as well. FYI,,, I had breast augmentation , implants and lift April 29,2021. I also had Liposuction of abdomen, flanks and outer thighs, My husband and I are very dissatisfied with my results , so we have to do this again. ugh. date of my procedures was 4/29/.21.

    1. you shoud whatsapp us so we can discuss this more +1(862)823-4633

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